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At Abacus, we believe in the importance of art, physical education, and learning a second language. Two 30-minute blocks are set aside each day engaging in physical activity for all children ages two and up. Beginning with the Young Preschool program, classrooms visit the art center for 30 minutes daily, and since studies show that children are best at acquiring language between the ages of three and four, our Spanish teacher begins working with children starting in Preschool.

Additionally, we are committed to maintaining a consistent learning environment. For this reason, we keep two permanent substitutes on staff. In the event one of your child’s teachers must miss a day, these teachers will fill in. Since they are always in the school, they become familiar faces your child sees every day.


School Age Coordinator — Daniel Runnels

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“The thing I like most about working with children is that every day is a new day; not one day with a child is the same.”

I have worked with children for roughly ten years through many programs and organizations, including the Boys and Girls Club and Big Brother program. I also co-directed the YMCA Prime Time and Summer Camp Programs.

I like working at Abacus because of the accessibility of everything I need to make and run a successful program.


Physical Education — Alyssa Rosales


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Art — Elizabeth Funk


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Spanish — Ana Maria Rojas

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“The reason I love working with children is that they provide joy and happiness.”

My experience working with children began in 1990. I taught English as a Second Language (ESL) to first through twelfth-grade children in Argentina. I have been the Spanish teacher at Abacus since 2013 and plan to continue my education in Early Childhood Development.

Children are like little sponges; I enjoy teaching the Abacus children a love for the Spanish language and encouraging them to be the best people they can be.