It All Started With A Letter…

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We spend a lot of time designing, improving, and operating what we believe is one of the best early childhood education centers in Austin, and our parents appreciate that effort. We were humbled when we started to receive letters–in the mail, no less!–thanking us for creating a safe, engaging environment.

Here are some of our favorites:


“When we had Marina, leaving her at 7 months with people we did not know was very scary, but after going to Abacus, we knew she would be alright. That first day, I am not going to lie, it was tough. But after a week, we saw how happy she was and the great care she received, and everything was better.”

– The Bou Family


“It makes us feel so happy that they are already learning so much to get them ready for kindergarten. Getting to see our kids having fun, drawing letters, and building with blocks first hand through the pictures you’ve sent us via Tadpoles is simply amazing! It shows what an amazing team you have in utilizing this great technology and makes us feel that our dollars are well spent on such a great fun and educational institution.”

– The Donaldson Family


“This year has truly been a blessing. Judson has grown leaps and bounds, which is a true testament to both the class make-up and the teachers. Joe and I thank you all for the love and support Abacus has given to our children (Judson and Jackson). Thank you for listening and for your communication with the parents.”

– The Kasson Family


“Thank you for all you do to make and keep Abacus the great place that it is. I don’t know how you all do so much and keep it (and us!) all straight. And you always do it with a smile!”

– The Bland Family


“Thank you for all you all did for the Graduation ceremony, it was wonderful! The preparation, performances, and actual ceremony were all so memorable. We are so blessed to have such a wonderful school for our children to attend.”

– Deborah Frers