Young Preschool Program

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“An early Preschool program curriculum should begin to introduce children to activities that develop valuable skills that will be used throughout their early childhood education.”

– Sue Delgado, Curriculum Coordinator

In our Young Preschool program, our teachers work with your child to build on the skills they have acquired in our Toddler Care program through hands-on activities that begin to explore math, science and literacy. We keep the atmosphere fun and safe so that your child develops a positive association with learning that they can carry with them through the rest of their education.

For physical development, our teachers and dedicated gym coach will organize activities to refine coordination and motor skills. In our indoor gym and on our outdoor playground, your child will be running, jumping, climbing, throwing, passing, and having a blast enjoying how much they can accomplish on their own.

Young Preschool children also begin to visit our art studio and work with our degreed art teacher who selects educational projects specifically designed for this age-level.

In math, your child will learn how to recognize values and shapes, as well as how to sort and match. During literacy activities, our teachers will focus on letter recognition and beginning phonics — all the while passing along a love of books.

Young Preschool Learning Objectives:

  • Inspire creativity.
  • Explore music, math, art, reading, etc. through play and song.
  • Build confidence, curiosity, and physical skills.


Meet Our Young Preschool Teacher

Our Young Preschool teachers design their classes to pass on the love of learning to your child.

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Enrichment Programs for Young Preschool

Our Enrichment programs make learning fun while continuing to develop the skills young preschoolers needs.

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Soccer Shots

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Dance Discovery